The new Affiliate Dashboard

Increase your sales by offering your product on the marketplace so that it can be advertised by affiliates.

Affiliate Settings

1. You can find the item "Affiliate Settings" in the settings, with which you can adjust all the settings for your affiliate program.

2. Activate the switch "Activate affiliate program"

3. Enter the "Link to the sales page" in the field provided (also the URL of the sales page of the website from which you are linking to the CopeCart checkout page) Activate the switch "List on marketplace" if you want to list your product on the CopeCart marketplace. (Tip: Activate the switch when you have made and tested all other settings.)

4. Define the commission for your product. You can set a commission in% (percent) AND / OR a one-time commission in โ‚ฌ (euros) for each sale.

5. If you automatically accept affiliate inquiries, activate the switch "Accept affiliate partnerships automatically". If you do not activate the switch, you will receive an email with every request and you will have to manually accept or reject each request.

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