Case Study

Dirk Kreuter

Dirk Kreuter is a bestselling author and the best-known sales trainer in Europe. More than 250,000 participants and various DAX companies have placed their trust in him for more than 25 years. Dirk Kreuter chose CopeCart as his reseller, not only to process his payments securely via CopeCart, but also to successfully and demonstrably scale his business. When using CopeCart, numerous intuitively usable functions can be implemented, such as feature close, which significantly increased the closing rate and the efficiency of the sales team in the case of high-priced offers and thus enabled the scaling of his company. In this way, the core processes could be automated, so that higher 7-8-digit sales could be achieved.

"The time that we save today with the feature helps us to focus on the essentials in our business."


Reduce high time costs caused by recurring processes such as automating the provisioning of sales staff, calculating sales and evaluating key performance indicators. Conclude legally secure digital contracts in the high-price segment via telephone calls or zoom meetings.


Overcome obstacles to scaling by automating recurring tasks such as evaluations, accounting, calculations and sales division. By automating the sales processes, new salespeople can be hired more easily by accepting billing, evaluation and classification of sales. No more spending extra time commissioning sales reps at the end of the month. Increase efficiency in daily sales and administration of the sales team. Close customers digitally and legally compliant in real time with a customizable offer by phone or zoom.


Integration of the deal closer feature. The sales team can focus on selling, while all processes run automatically in the background. Customers can choose between eight different payment methods such as: one-time, installment or subscription payments. The offer can be adapted at any time and the sale is 100% legally secure.


"Since the introduction of the Deal Closer feature, our sales employees are more satisfied than ever. Our employees are commissioned directly and on time after a deal, their performance is precisely evaluated and their sales are clearly shown in the leaderboard. Not just our sales employees, but the whole company was able to benefit from the implementation of the feature. The time we save today through the feature helps us to focus on the essentials in our business. With the help of the Deal Closer feature, we were able to monitor and have the performance of our salespeople with just one click thereby a holistic overview of our KPIs. The feature has been indispensable in my company since then and has helped us to scale reliably and to automate and simplify sales processes holistically. "

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