Case Study

Max Weiss

Weiss Consulting & Marketing GmbH with its founder and managing director Max Weiss has specialized in advising social media agencies. His aim is to show beginners as well as advanced users how they can position their agency, place ads and quickly scale it. With this mentoring program, Max currently has around 3 million sales per year.

"Together with CopeCart I was able to increase my annual turnover to 3.6 million euros"


Before Max switched to CopeCart, he had already turned over over 1 million Euros with another payment processor. There were big problems with the customer support there, as Weiss Consulting & Marketing GmbH regularly did not receive a helpful answer after 3 to 5 days. Another problem was the payment defaults, which simply weren't investigated.


Max wanted better service and a permanent contact person for any concerns. Furthermore, he needed better protection for his sales in case of payment defaults. He no longer wanted to take care of the recovery himself.


When Max switched to CopeCart in 2019, he benefited greatly from the WhatsApp group, in which he received a useful answer to each of his questions on the same day. Receivables management was also a blessing for his previous payment arrears and thanks to the use of CopeCarts data analysis and thanks to the clear KPI dashboard, he is measurably getting closer to his goal for 2022: at least doubling his sales.


Max saves a lot of time with the invoicing of CopeCart, in which invoices that bundle his payouts are sent quickly and easily by email at the end of the month. Product marketing takes place mainly via affiliate links, which he creates with one click. With his company, Max has managed to go from 1 million sales over several years to a total sales of 3 million order volume in 1.5 years since he decided to work with CopeCart as a reseller.

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