Case Study

Sebastian Szalinski

Sebastian helps operators of established online shops to achieve 6 figure monthly sales and thus to be able to finance their lives completely with this shop. This is a high-priced consultation from Sebastian himself and his two colleagues.

"Thanks to CopeCart, I was able to experience a 360% increase in sales last year"


Individual solutions are necessary, especially in the high-price segment, because you shouldn't take any risks with high sums or complex payment plans. In addition, product adjustments are necessary at regular intervals and should therefore be simple and intuitive. The biggest challenge, however, was to say goodbye to the manual evaluation via Google Sheets or various CRM systems.


Sebastian's goal was to no longer have to worry about the payment process and to increase his sales through data-driven analysis. In addition, joint venture partnerships and comprehensive commission management were very important to him.


With the deal closer feature from CopeCart, Sebastian ensures that payment plans don't get complicated or confusing, even though they run in the background. He creates all his products faster and more intuitively than with other providers and installs a tracking integration, for example for 100% transparency of his cash flows within a few minutes.


Sebastian experienced a 360% increase in sales with his company last year thanks to reliable payment processes and high-converting checkout pages. He plans to at least maintain this growth with CopeCart in the coming year.

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