Case Study

Torben Baumdick

Torben Baumdick, managing director of Baumdick GmbH helps employees in every industry to take the leap into independence with an online shop. He has been using CopeCart for about a year and, in addition to his main offering, also sells seminars and workshops on software for customer acquisition or current traffic strategies.

"CopeCart makes our work in the back office easier and is even cheaper than the software before"


About 3 years ago, Torben had placed his products through another provider, where the relatively high commissions bothered him. Furthermore, the product creation was far too complex and time-consuming, so that a year ago he decided to switch to a different payment processor.


When Torben was looking for a better provider with better conditions, it was particularly important for him to be able to quickly create or update his 7 products. The whole process should be simple, fast and intuitive so that he has more time to dedicate to more important tasks.


When Torben became aware of CopeCart, it created his first product within 2 minutes and thus automated the entire payment process, which includes invoicing or the SEPA direct debit mandate for standing orders, for example. The significantly lower commission also ensure an effectively higher profitability for the company.


Since Baumdick GmbH installed CopeCart in their company, their sales have doubled with the use of the software, which means monthly sales of over € 500,000 with more than 1200 customers. The aim is to double this turnover again in the coming year.

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