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Technical Support

You are a seller ("Vendor") and have a specific question about your account or a technical topic?

What products can I sell on CopeCart?

You can sell all products that do not require any sort of legal certifications or other legal requirements. You can find an extensive list of product types by clicking the Read more button.

How is the CopeCart fee calculated?

The CopeCart fee of 4,9% + 1€ is based on the gross value of each transaction. A detailed explanation with several examples can be found by clicking the Read more button.

Why do I need to verify my account?

Successful verification is required for initiating payouts. To achieve verification every account has to proof its validity by uploading documents. A detailed overview of the verification process can be found by clicking the Read more button.

What is a "reseller"?

CopeCart acts as a "reseller". This means that you as vendor are selling your products to CopeCart and CopeCart in turn sells your product to the buyer. This means that CopeCart is the contract owner and only CopeCarts T&Cs are applicable to the purchase. More information about this can be found  by clicking the Read more button.

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Buyer Support

You bought something on CopeCart and have a question about the product or are unhappy with your purchase?

Can I purchase products without registering at CopeCart?

There is no need for a registration if you want to buy a product of one of our vendors. All you need to do is fill out the purchase forms and that's it. It's that simple!

I am not happy with a purchase. What can I do?

Should you not be happy with a purchase your first step should be to contact the seller. You can find the E-Mail address of the seller on your receipt or invoice.

I can't get to a solution with the seller. Can CopeCart help me?

Should you not be able to find a solution with the seller you can always contact CopeCart via CopeCart always mediates and works toward a satisfactory solution for all parties involved.

I don't recognise a transaction. Can CopeCart help me?

Contact us with your email address and full name and we will find your orders and purchases.

Is it safe for me to use CopeCart?

Yes it is safe for you to use CopeCart! CopeCart ensures encryption of all transactions and keeps your data protected at all times!

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