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scalable sales

Close on high-priced service packages simply by phone or video chat and benefit from automatic commission payouts.

Your advantages through CopeCart's Close

Flexible customization

Adjust price, payment plan and quantity quickly and easily with just a few clicks during a sales call.

Automated commission payments

Simplify back-office operations by automating employee commissions with CopeCart.

Checkout links

Share a checkout link with your customers and sell your high-priced products without your own website or code.

Legally compliant contracts

Sell high-priced products quickly and legally, shorten your sales cycles and close more deals.

Automate commission payments

After a successful close and receipt of payment, CopeCart automatically transfers the individually determined commission to the sales representative or partner.

Customized sales commissions

Reports and insights

Simple seller tracking

Automatic billing

Back office time-savings

Digital invoicing

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How it works

1. The customer is called by phone or video chat

You or one of your sales reps will get in touch with a potential customer via phone or video chat to introduce them to your product and ultimately convince them to buy.

2. Customer is completed digitally

With the help of our Instant Close product, your seller fills out the customer data in the order form during the conversation in order to initiate the legally secure purchase.

3. The customer receives the order confirmation

Immediately after successful completion, CopeCart sends your customer an invoice along with the order confirmation by email and notifies you of the completion.

4. Commission is calculated and assigned automatically

After receipt of payment you will get the sales transferred to your account minus the seller's commission, which was previously set by you and is then automatically sent by CopeCart with every purchase.

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