Meet the heroes behind CopeCart

Get to know our employees, who give it their all all each day, to help companies sell efficiently, easily and digitally with CopeCart.

International corporate culture

... based in Berlin, Ukraine and the USA, we love to bring people together from all over the world and to simplify digital sales together.

20 Programmers and software developers

... optimize our software every day to deliver the best possible performance for our vendors.

10 Marketeers & sales experts

... regularly develop and optimize captivating campaigns through online marketing, emails or top-class events.

25 Support team members & relationship managers

... we take our vendors' concerns seriously and usually come up with a solution on the same day.

CopeCart management team

Dr. Michael Kloep
Global CEO

Business strategist and digitalisation expert

Lecturer on entrepreneurship
at international universities

Experience in corporate development
of Fortune 500 companies and start-ups

Jan Brueger




Andreas Mildenberger

Lawyer for Corporate & Entrepreneurship

Problem solver with over 20 years of practical experience

Digital, flexible, straightforward

Julian Weiland, MBA
Global Head of Growth

Experienced growth strategist for startups with a global network and successful projects in Fortune 500 companies

Excellent knowledge ranging from in-depth information technology to top-level business strategies

Ability to clearly convey complex contexts taylored to target audiences

Kai Thümmler
Head of Sales / Head of Marketing

Approach any situation with the mindset that you should do whatever it takes to be successful

Expert for marketing & sales requirements in various industries

My main job is to lead our employees and customers to success

Oleksandr Melnyk
Head of Development

Strong manager with more than 10 years proven experience in IT industries.

My job is to make this product real and comfortable to use

Ilias Aeraki
Head of Human Resources

Your yesterday is gone, your tomorrow is doubtful, therefore, value today

Experienced Human Resources Manager with many years of knowledge in IT business

Long-time investment and crypto enthusiast

Andreas Kraus
Head of Support

Experienced manager with proven experience in customer service

Strong in the areas of communication, customer satisfaction, employee retention

Rostyslav Berehiy

Experienced and effective manager, financier, risk manager with 10+ years of successful experience in top positions in banking

Consultant and CFO of FinTech and e-commerce companies

What our team says

Since January 2020 I have been helping clients to achieve their goals by answering emails, checking documents and participating in the so-called KYC (Know Your Client) process. At CopCart I work according to the motto: "If you find a job that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life".

I work in the sales and business development department. The most important things in my job are advanced communication skills and a personal approach to each client. As Tony Robbins said, “Setting goals is the first step in making the invisible visible.

I am 21 years old and I am studying law. On the side, I've been working at CopeCart in the support department since April and processing incoming legal letters.

I am a specialist in security in Team Development at CopCart.

Giving 100% is important to me, I am perfectionist and punctual.

But only after the morning coffee, of course.

I'm in the team development at CopCart and responsible for the development and maintenance of various projects.

I love programming, making music, playing guitar and producing music.

When you stop getting better, you stop being good.

I want to constantly develop myself and reach my full potential to become the best version of myself. Together with the team, we master the daily challenges and always do our best for our customers.

Don't try to be better than others. Try to be better than you were yesterday." CopeCart gives every team member that chance. Every day I learn something new - through daily communication with our followers, through new challenges, thanks to the help of my team, my mentors and the big CopeCart family. I am proud and happy to be part of CopeCart.

I love traveling the world and getting to know new people and cultures.

CopeCart enables me to combine this perfectly with my work. I am very happy to be part of a team that is so open, modern and lovable.

It is inspiring to work in a family environment where relationships are built on respect, common goals and communication.

As an inquisitive and detail-oriented person, I am responsible for payment management and serve as a link between finance and accounting.

Life is an adventure, so I always try to take risks.

I am a very active, positive and hardworking person and I enjoy working with interesting and inspiring people at CopCart and mine.

I am passionate, highly motivated and detail-oriented.

With my sophisticated skills and my customer-oriented mindfulness, I always ensure that I achieve maximum customer satisfaction every day.

I work as the team leader in the customer service department, which currently consists of 20 people, and I love hiking and snowboarding.

It's always fun, a great adventure and drives me to stay fit and active. This is also the best way to do my job.

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