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Influencers rely on CopeCart to quickly and easily market digital courses or e-books to their communities.

More than 46 key performance indicators

Measurable growth

Get immediate clarity about your business as CopeCart automatically calculates key metrics for you to keep track of your growth.

Analyze your sales directly from your cell phone, wherever you are

Set business goals and track your growth

Get real-time statistics on your sales and revenue

Keep an eye on all key figures of your business

15% more conversion rate

Conversion optimized checkouts

Increase sales with CopeCart's checkouts and benefit from the fastest loading times, highest conversion rates and the best user experience.

Increase your sales with our proven checkouts

Use order bumps to increase your customer value

Increase your sales with easy upsell integrations

Improve the customer experience with the fastest loading times in the market

30% more revenue

Recovery of unpaid invoices

Raise your revenue by authorizing CopeCart to send friendly reminders and notices to non-paying customers and, if necessary, transfer the case to our collection partner.

Automate friendly payment reminders

Rely on a trusted collection partner

Avoid bottlenecks and establish secure cash flow

Keep track of incoming payments on your dashboard

Up to 27% more revenue

One-Click Shop

Create a fully functional online store with a single click and get everything you need to sell your products.

Create your online store with just one click

Increase your sales easily

Save high costs and fees for e-commerce software and plugins

Add  your products without hassle

These are the problems we solve for influencers

01. Complex integrations


Connecting CRM, member area, or other tools to a sales platform is a complex task. Influencers often rely on IT professionals to assist and create programs interfaces.

01. Simple connections


CopeCart offers simple connections to hundreds of tools, without any code at all. Clear step-by-step instructions help to create interfaces within minutes and save you lots of development work.

02. Unclear controlling


Capturing, evaluating and analyzing company key figures in spreadsheets or other common tools can often lead to more confusion than clarity.

02. Intelligent backoffice


Instead of assigning full-time employees to controlling, CopeCart provides valuable insights, calculates key figures and records data automatically with just a few clicks.

03. Security gaps


When selling products digitally, influencers find it difficult to set the number of downloads for their products themselves, often due to a lack of regulation with traditional tools, while protecting their content from misuse.

03. Automated download management


With CopeCart, you grant access to your products only after a validated purchase and protect your content from repeated downloads after a certain number of days.

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