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Regardless of the size of your sales team, CopeCart automates the calculation and payment of commissions for your salesforce.

More than 46 key performance indicators

Measurable growth

Get immediate clarity about your business as CopeCart automatically calculates key metrics for you to keep track of your growth.

Analyze your sales directly from your cell phone, wherever you are

Set business goals and track your growth

Get real-time statistics on your sales and revenue

Keep an eye on key figures of your business

100% more efficiency

Automated commission payments

Profit by ensuring instant payment receipts and increase your close rate and that of your sellers with Instant Close while still in conversation with your customers.

Get more stability with immediate payment receipts

Accelerate your growth through shorter sales cycles

Issue individual commission checks to distributors after receipt of payment

Increase closing rates with direct-to-consumer online contracts

Problems we solve for sales teams

01. Complex back office


As teams grow, back office tasks grow, too. After each closed deal, a quote and an invoice have to be sent, the receipt of payment has to be monitored and a commission has to be paid. 

01. Invoicing and commission payment


CopeCart automates back office tasks, saving you time and staff. Invoices are automatically sent to your customers and commissions paid after successful payment.

02. Complicated sales process


Often many stepas are required to close a deal successfully and legally secure on the phone or by video chat. Conversations need to be recorded, a quote needs to be created,  email needs to be sent, and finally the receipt of payment needs to be monitored.

02. Digital system sales


With CopeCart's Instant Close, your sales representative completes the form for the customer during the conversation. Then an offer is automatically sent by email, your customer accepts the offer in a legally secure manner with one click, and then chooses between several popular payment methods. 

03. Complex payment tracking


Invoices are often not paid immediately. Extra employees have to be hired to send reminders and dunning letters and, if payment is not received, to initiate a costly collection procedure. 

03 Automated receivables management


CopeCart's Reliable Dunning identifies unpaid invoices automatically and initiates the dunning process, which sends payment reminders and dunning letters and, as a last resort, refers the invoice to our competent collection partner. 

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