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It takes just one click to bring your optimized online store, equipped with all necessary features, to life. Get ready to sell without additional costs for templates or plugins.

More than 46 key performance indicators

Measurable growth

Get immediate clarity about your business as CopeCart automatically calculates key metrics for you to keep track of your growth.

Analyze your sales directly from your cell phone, wherever you are

Set business goals and track your growth

Get real-time statistics on your sales and revenue

Keep an eye on all  key figures of your business

Up to 27% more revenue

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Create your fully functional online store with a single click and get everything you need to sell your products.

Create your online store with just one click

Increase your sales

Save high costs and fees for e-commerce software and plugins

Add products without hassle

Problems for shop owners

01. Lack of software knowledge


Setting up an online store often requires an agency or even a programmer, which can be costly and time consuming.

01. Easy to use


With CopeCart anyone can create an online store with sales-enhancing features in just a few clicks. No programming or e-commerce software experience required.  

02. Confusing data analysis


Data analysis of marketing campaigns and performance tracking for online shops is often complicated and confusing. Sometimes knowledge of JavaScript or the Google Tag Manager is necessary.

02. Meaningful key figures


CopeCart automatically calculates the most important key figures, such as the customer life time value or your average shopping cart value and presents them in easy-to-read graphs.

03. Poor conversion rate


Many shop owners find it difficult to set up conversion optimized and sales increasing measures like upsells, timers and bestsellers in order to sell their products online.

03. Automatic conversion optimization


CopeCart's shops are optimized after millions of orders and views to guarantee the best possible conversion rate. Sales-boosting features can be integrated with just a few clicks or are already preset.

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