You sell outstanding invoices to CopeCart and receive a large part of the requested amount in the shortest possible time. Avoid liquidity bottlenecks and benefit from lower administrative costs for your outstanding payments and a stable cash flow. Nothing changes for your end customers.

Factoring enables you to...

Faster liquidity

You receive a large part of the requested invoice amount within a very short time, which improves your financial situation and allows you to cover urgent expenses or invest in your business.

Direct use

The decision to factor the end customer is made in real time. This means you don’t have to wait and receive the decision immediately.

Relief from payment administrations

You no longer have to worry about collecting outstanding invoices, as CopeCart takes over this task. You receive your money in the shortest possible time and can sit back and relax. This saves time and resources.

Stable cash flow

By receiving payments promptly, you can plan your cash flow better and ensure that your company has sufficient funds.

Risk reduction

CopeCart bears the default risk if customers do not pay your invoices. This reduces your risk and protects your liquidity.

Time is money – what are you waiting for?

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