Smart Analytics

For a successful online business, you need clear data analysis. With our dashboards, you can always keep an eye on all your company’s key figures – simply and efficiently. Analyze over 46 key figures, set targets, track transactions and get real-time statistics on new customers.

The AI dashboard evaluation offers you…

Comprehensive Performance analytics

Analyze over 46 metrics in real time to make informed decisions, measure your growth and identify trends and patterns.

Measurable Growth

Set annual, monthly and daily targets with the target function to develop strategies and achieve measurable growth.

Customer Segmentation

Analyzing customer behavior can help you better understand how your customers use your website and which products they prefer

Real-time Analytics

Track transactions and get real-time statistics on KPIs, such as new customers acquired, to react promptly to developments.

Budget Optimization

The dashboards help you understand which marketing channels deliver the best results. You can allocate your budget more efficiently and optimize marketing strategies.

Conversion Rate Optimization

By analyzing the sales funnel, you can identify areas where customers abandon the purchase process and make improvements.

Time is money – what are you waiting for?

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