Deal Closer Tool

Close high-priced service packages by phone or video chat and receive or create automatic commission payments. Simplify your customer acquisition by filling in the customer data during the call, adjusting the payment plan, and thus legally closing the customer by phone or video chat.

The Close-by-Phone Feature Offers You…

Flexible Customization

Adjust the price, payment plan, and quantity quickly and easily in sales meetings.

Automated Commissions

Simplify work in the back office by automating the commissions of your employees.

Legally Compliant Contracts

Sell legally compliant high-priced products quickly, shorten your sales cycles, and close more deals

Optimized sales process

Manage Salespeople

Create your sales team and simplify your sales process with automated invoicing and commission payment.

Immediate Bank Transfer

After successful completion and receipt of payment, CopeCart automatically transfers the percentage you have individually defined as commission to the sales representative.

Commission fast simple secure

Time is money – what are you waiting for?

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